Termite Inspection

The termite inspection is the most common type of the pest inspection in Australia. It is also the most important investigation to prevent serious damages to your property. Unfortunately, termites are pretty smart insects. It is not enough to chase few of them with a spray bottle. Therefore, you need a professional termite inspection to properly investigate the problem. Once you receive the inspection report you can decided on the eradication plan.

Termite Inspection Guide

Termite inspections are one of the more elaborate types of the infestation investigation. It is also one of the most difficult to report on. Unfortunately, the termite report requires a thorough investigation. Without this, the eradication process can lead to weeks or months.

Termite Inspection Checklist

The pest inspector must carefully check all potential entry points to the house. This includes:

  • Termite inspections of the roof
  • Termite inspections of the basement
  • Termite inspections of the ventilation
  • Termite inspections of joists
  • Termite inspections of sills

Further, the pest controller needs to check:

  • Concrete blocks
  • Landscaping
  • Fencing
  • Trees and stumps

The termite inspections should cover the radius of 50 meters from the dwelling. Mainly, there are the wooden and moist structures which are potential breeding grounds for this insect. Therefore, the laundry and bathroom should also be investigated for the potential uninvited pests.

Termite Inspection of Previous Preventive Measures

Termite inspections must include checks of previous physical and chemical termite barriers. The termite inspectors are obliged to report on any outdated and insufficient protection products which have been already installed on the premises. The report must advice on the replacement, refill or a full upgrade of the termite prevention systems which are present on the premises.

Do Not Be Afraid To Have a Thorough Termite Inspection

Most termite inspections are charged per hour. Thus, most of us are counting minutes for the inspector to finish the job. However, it is better for the inspector to properly check the area before the insect colonies enlarge their influence. Thus, do not "freak out" if the guy actually checks the surrounding environment. In this case, the inspector is not playing for time. Termites often use the building timber for nutrients but the colony is outside the house.

Termite Inspection Report

The termite inspection report should:

  • Identify termite species (if the property is infested)
  • Report on current termite activities
  • Report on old termite activities
  • Advice on eradication treatments
  • Advice on the future prevention activities

Termite Inspection Contractors

Building Centre, Reports Direct and the Australian Building Inspection Services are the best sources of qualified termite inspectors. Smaller contractors such as Metrospect Building and Pest Inspections, Victorian House Inspections and Melbourne Property Inspections are suitable Victorian termite inspection services. For Sydney, the Building Reports NSW and SGS Building Services are good sources of termite inspection providers.

Termite Inspection Cost

On average the termite inspection costs around $250. Most pest inspectors charge per hour. However, some of the contractors charge per square meter of the property. Thus, for smaller houses the charge per investigated area is generally cheaper.